How to fix Chrome that redirects localhost to https


I was developing in angular and used url . Suddenly, Chrome gave me the following error: ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR SSL? When looking at the url, I saw that Chrome added https… When I changed it back to http, Chrome forces https again… After some research, I found a solution on with the following explanation: I believe this is caused by HSTS – seeĀ  you have (developed) any other...

How to enable CORS in Solr


If you are using Solr with Angular or something like that. The browser can be annoying about cross site scripting. To enable CORS in Solr you just have to add the code below in solr-x.x.x/server/solr-webapp/webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml (x.x.x stands for the solr version). Just after the <web-app> tag.

How to fix jasperserver tree load error


I was using Jasperserver in different browser tabs and did many changes. Suddenly, I got an error like ‘Tree load error‘. To fix this, you need to clean your computer with a program like CCleaner. This was the only solution that worked for me. Even restarting the server didn’t help.

To download CCleaner, go to . I hope this works for you too. Enjoy!

How to use json with java


Is it possible to use json in combination with java? The answer is yes! You can easily parse json objects to java objects and vice-versa. To do so, you can use Google’s framework ‘gson’:

Maven dependency


Mobile application development resources


If you are looking for all kinds of mobile app development resources and tools. Then you must have look at Mobile Tuxedo (). On this website you can find all kinds of resources and tools to develop and design mobile web applications. I’ll give you a short list of some resources there are available: Prototype apps Mobile design App builders Icons Mobile app frameworks Grid frameworks UI...

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