How to change phone number layout with Java


Each country has its own phone number format. But what if you want a universal layout for all types of phone numbers? You can use Libphonenumber. With Libphonenumber, you can change phone layouts, create your own layouts, cast layouts and many more!



As example, we take a phone number:

String swissNumberStr = "0446681800";

We will change that layout to a Swiss layout:

PhoneNumber swissNumberProto = phoneUtil.parse(swissNumberStr, "CH");

Full code:

String swissNumberStr = "0446681800";
PhoneNumberUtil phoneUtil = PhoneNumberUtil.getInstance();
try {
    PhoneNumber swissNumberProto = phoneUtil.parse(swissNumberStr, "CH");
} catch (NumberParseException e) {
    System.err.println("NumberParseException was thrown: " + e.toString());

You can also choose other layouts:

// Produces "+41 44 668 18 00"
System.out.println(phoneUtil.format(swissNumberProto, PhoneNumberFormat.INTERNATIONAL));
// Produces "044 668 18 00"
System.out.println(phoneUtil.format(swissNumberProto, PhoneNumberFormat.NATIONAL));
// Produces "+41446681800"
System.out.println(phoneUtil.format(swissNumberProto, PhoneNumberFormat.E164));

You can change the layout to other country layouts:

System.out.println(phoneUtil.formatOutOfCountryCallingNumber(swissNumberProto, "US"));

Libphonenumber gives you the opportunity to create your own layout:

PhoneNumberUtil phoneUtil = PhoneNumberUtil.getInstance();
AsYouTypeFormatter formatter = phoneUtil.getAsYouTypeFormatter("US");
System.out.println(formatter.inputDigit('6')); // Outputs "6"
System.out.println(formatter.inputDigit('5')); // Outputs "65"
System.out.println(formatter.inputDigit('0')); // Outputs "650"
System.out.println(formatter.inputDigit('2')); // Outputs "650 2"
System.out.println(formatter.inputDigit('5')); // Outputs "650 25"
System.out.println(formatter.inputDigit('3')); // Now outputs "650 253"

You can get a phone number layout by using Locale:

PhoneNumberOfflineGeocoder geocoder = PhoneNumberOfflineGeocoder.getInstance();
// Output "Engels"
System.out.println(geocoder.getDescriptionForNumber(swissNumberProto, Locale.ENGLISH);
// Output "Duits"
System.out.println(geocoder.getDescriptionForNumber(swissNumberProto, Locale.GERMAN);
// Output "Italiaans"
System.out.println(geocoder.getDescriptionForNumber(swissNumberProto, Locale.ITALIAN);

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