How to find your Windows product key


If you lost or can’t find your Windows product key anymore, there are several solutions to recover it.

Product key label

When you bought a PC or laptop where Windows was already preinstalled, there is a label which contains the product key. Mostly on PC’s the label is placed on the outside of the PC case. On laptops, the label is placed at the bottom. A label looks like this:


Windows product key recovery tools

If you don’t have a label or it is unreadable, there are several tools to recover that product key for you. Be aware that your computer must work. When your computer is crashed or doesn’t work anymore, the tools can’t read your product key.

Magical Jelly Beans KeyFinder is a really useful tool to recover several product keys. There is a free and a commercial edition. It is supported for Windows and Mac platforms. Magical Jelly Beans KeyFinder can recover passwords too. Check out The Magical Jelly Bean

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