How to fix R.U.S.E. access violation crash


When you start R.U.S.E. in Steam and you get an error like this (see below), how can you fix this. I give you the solution.

The error looks like:

Version  : Final
ACCESS VIOLATION (Reading 0x0000000c)

?Swap@GMatrix2D@@QAEXPAV1@@Z (0)
??0GImage@@QAE@ABV0@@Z (0)
??0GImage@@QAE@ABV0@@Z (0)
??0GImage@@QAE@ABV0@@Z (0)
??0GImage@@QAE@ABV0@@Z (0)

Core dumped in C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Temp\000099_Ruse Final_29.dmp for post-mortem analysis.

The call stack was copied to the clipboard.

Press OK to report the dump by mail, CANCEL to quit.

The solution to fix this is:

  • Go to Steam
  • Right click on R.U.S.E. and select properties
  • Go to local files
  • click on check integrity of game cache

Steam will synchronize your game cache with Steam. When that’s done, your good to go. Enjoy!



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